Retreats at Centering Space

Centering Space is ideal for individual retreats of a day, several days or a week. The house can accommodate up to three retreatants. An atmosphere of quiet and peace is provided in a homelike setting.

Why Make a Retreat

  • To deepen your relationship with God
  • To put your life challenges in perspective
  • To express your gratitude for graces received
  • To rekindle your goals
  • To discern where your journey is leading
  • To rest in the Spirit


The gardens and porch of Centering Space are ideal for stillness and prayer. The school campus offers a grotto honoring the Blessed Mother and expansive lakefront property for reflection. Sunsets on Lake Erie are known to be spectacular! Retreatants can also take advantage of the recreational facilities of Lakewood Park located to the east. Sounds of children at play are readily integrated into the peaceful solitude of Centering Space and its lovely outdoor areas.


The chapel at Lakewood Catholic Academy is available for Centering Space retreatants.


Simple meals are available during your retreat time either alone or with the resident staff. If you prefer, you may make your own arrangement for meals. There are multiple moderately priced restaurants and fast food places in Lakewood.


Fees are determined in relationship to the length of retreat and the type of service one desires. (director, meals, etc.)

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