My practice of spiritual direction developed in the context of an historic monastery as a member of an intentional community with a ministry of prayer, racial reconciliation, healing, and spiritual development. Living by the community rule and ordering time by the community rhythm was helpful. Learning the value of having a personal rule of life and a personal rhythm of spiritual practices was a priceless gift.

For all of us, there are seasons when spiritual reading, prayer, meditation, journaling, and practicing silence are acts of great ease and joy. In those times, we need a spiritual companion to listen with us as we discern how to live faithfully into each new revelation.

There are also seasons of debilitating dryness. Still, God is always near. These are times when we need someone to watch and wait and listen with us, until we can see and hear and feel God’s presence in the ordinary rhythms of life.

For me, companioning persons on the journey of spiritual awakening, formation, and transformation is a privilege.