Prayer Leaders

Betsy Nero

I always say “it’s the little things” and it really is. The daily things of life – the simple things – generally are what give me inspiration for prayer. For the most part my prayer of late has really focused on God’s presence being in every moment of every day. God is present in each relationship, every challenge, every success, every loss, every decision, everything.
My prayer is enhanced by my awareness of God in the ordinary.

Syndie Eardly

I have been leading prayer since 2010 and most enjoy hearing different participants’ individual interpretations after meditating with the material I present. That is definitely the Holy Spirit at work, offering unique messages of inspiration and guidance to each individual heart from the same passage.

Cheryl Keehner, CSA

I draw inspiration from daily life: a word, a phrase, a conversation; a poem, a song, a piece of art; a news event or the weather. A prayer to the Spirit to helps me pull it all together. My life has been enriched in leading prayer as part of the ministry of Centering Space..

Ginny May Schiros

My service as a prayer leader is motivated out of the Prayer of St. Francis. “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace…” If by sharing my own journey, I can bring light and faith to others, I am grateful. Each time I lead prayer, I offer this prayer and hope that what I have put together and presented will be helpful to others in the circle of friendship that is Centering Space.

Peggy Gerovac

I am blessed and honored to lead prayer at Centering Space. I have received so many blessings in my life from the preparations as well as the sharing in our Prayer Circle. It is always interesting to hear how the Spirit speaks to us and through us individually. Our style of prayer with reflection and no correction allows this deeper sharing from where we are uniquely in union with the Great Divine..


Subhana Cathy Graf

The book Prayers of the Cosmos by Neil Douglas-Klotz radically changed my life. Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations enrich it regularly. But it took a song by Jan Phillips to inspire me to prayer leadership. The deep meaning in her lyrics is carried directly into the heart and soul on the wings of melody and demands to be shared.


Carol Kandiko, CSA

Leading reflective prayer at Centering Space is truly a gift in my life. Sharing the insights I receive in my daily prayer with the folks who gather here and receiving their insights in return enriches us all.


Ron Konkoly

I am honored to be part of Centering Space’s Prayer team. When I have a moment, while reading or listening, that speaks to my heart, my first response is: I want others to hear this. Leading the Lectio Divina form of meditation allows me this privilege. God is present in the present and our coming together in prayer celebrates this week after week in an “individually communal” way. God is good all the time.