Looking back over the years, the subtle and persistent presence of the Spirit has always been with me. There was no being thrown from a horse or apparitions of angels. Even my vocation to religious life as a Sister of Charity of St. Augustine involved no big discernment. From my perspective, it simply happened. Vatican II came into my life as an intelligent and spirit-filled process. It made sense in all of its various aspects and I naturally adapted to the fresh breezes of the Spirit.

I have had many experiences of growth and unfolding spirituality amid various life strengthening and stretching events, but the bottom line that has led to my gray-haired “wisdom” has always been the subtle and persistent presence of God’s Spirit.

Over time, I’ve come to recognize that the Presence of God is best encountered in the everyday reality that is life! My love for creation and my encounters with modern day mystics such as evolutionary cosmologist Brian Swimme, spiritual author Judy Cannato, cutting edge philosopher Beatrice Bruteau, creative visionary Jan Phillips and numerous mystics from many traditions have enriched my own spirituality.

Coming in touch with the reality of a global and interfaith perspective and being at Centering Space has allowed seeds of wonder and surprise to blossom. I am blessed daily in receiving the gift of God’s Presence through others.

Some aspects of my current spirituality are summed up in my favorite quotes:

“Nothing is perfect” sighed the fox in St. Exupery’s classic The Little Prince

“Everything Belongs,” the title of one of Richard Rohr’s books

“The universe clumps,” my own observation of how everything happens at once between periods of relative calm.

I love sharing spiritual insights with others, planning prayer experiences, and keeping the facility of Centering Space open and welcoming.

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