“A garden always gives back more than it receives.”  Mara Beamish

August Blog by Betsy Nero
I have had several conversations in the past few weeks about where people vacation. Interestingly many have said it is actually really nice staying home.  Given our often brutal winters, it’s not so bad staying in Cleveland to enjoy the summer.

I’d have to agree.  Especially nice when you can find a quiet place of beauty.  Along Lake Erie there are many of those places.  But one’s back yard is good too.  Mine is my sanctuary.  Whether watering, weeding, trimming, or deadheading…or even better, reading a book…I find total solace among the trees, flowers, and critters. Gardening is my happy place.

“Gardening, besides being a practical, life-nurturing task, is also always a spiritual
activity…Every act of gardening presupposes and embodies a way of relating to creation,
a way that invariably invokes moral and spiritual decisions…gardeners are themselves
undergoing a spiritual cultivation into something beautiful and sympathetic and healthy.”

I’d like to share a little secret with you…the solace and sense of peace you will find on the front porch or patio of Centering Space is also wonderful.  The garden is a quiet place of beauty and serenity.

Settle into one of the new Adirondack chairs and enjoy your respite.

Who knows Sr. Carol just might bring you a glass of lemonade.

** Grateful to Lakewood Garden Center for our new Adirondack chairs. Thank you Paul!


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