Slow Down and Breathe

May Blog by Mark Laskey

Very long ago, when I was a freshman in college, I unexpectedly saw something beautiful that’s remained indelible in my memory.  As I walked across the quad at John Carroll University on a beautiful spring afternoon I found myself behind a first or second grader from Gesu School on her way home from school.  She had on her uniform and little backpack and she was holding the hand of a very young boy who I assume was her little brother.  He looked about four or five years old to me.

As they approached a statue of the Blessed Mother in a little alcove next to my dormitory they veered off the sidewalk and walked up to the statue where they both knelt down and said a prayer.  She was very pious and her little brother mimicked her every action.  You could tell he wanted to get it right.  After their short prayer, they got up and proceeded on their way home.  The whole incident probably didn’t last more than a minute or two, but I can see it like it was yesterday.  Short, simple and pure.

This is a memory that shows its face to me somewhat regularly, but especially when I need a break.  It has a habit of popping out and encourages me to slow down, breathe and to reflect on what’s important.  I count myself lucky to have such a reminder and I hope you have a similar time-out call, too.

Centering Space provides many opportunities to find those things in your life that are short, simple and pure.  Why not take a moment and reflect either as individual or as part of a group.  I’m sure it’ll be time well spent.

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