Tidying Up

April Blog by Cheryl Keehner, CSA

April fools take note.   Early spring promised by the Ground Hog eight weeks ago has been delayed.   We fell for it again!  The sky is gray. The air outside is cold.  The ground is defrosting and the yard is muddy.  Your winter coat has brushed against the dirty car far too many times.  In your closet, the gray, black, and brown winter clothes which once were crisp are now limp.   We’re all a bit depressed and would rather stay at home on the couch in our PJs watching TV.

Is it any wonder that Marie Kando is Netflix’s rising star?   She urges viewers to de-clutter. She offers benefits for finally getting our stuff “under control.”  She promises those who choose to adopt her methods will receive “joy, and a peace you’ve never thought possible.” We could all follow her advice and get a head start on our spring cleaning.  Easter, after all is only weeks away.  There’s plenty of time.  Why not consider de-cluttering our spiritual lives while we’re at it?

How’s your heart these days?   As the saying goes “home is where the heart is” and tradition says that the heart is where the Spirit lives. What kind of clutter do you need to get rid of?  Have you outgrown your spiritual practice or does it just need to be freshened up? Maybe it’s just “out of style,” or perhaps you could pass it on to others.

Is the door to your heart open or closed?   Do you need help tidying up?  Do you know where to start?    Why not visit us at Centering Space?  We can help you “renew, refresh and refocus.” Come and join us. Our door is always open.   Make yourself at home!


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