Letting Go

October Blog by Betsy Nero

A recent Facebook post, “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let go of things,” has really caused me to pause and think about what it is I might need to let go.

Don’t we all love the beauty of Fall.  With the magnificent color of the trees we are often left speechless.  Every year I find myself inhaling the gorgeous pageantry – particularly the yellows.

But aside from the beauty, it is true that the trees are effortlessly letting go.

What might I concentrate on letting go?

Perhaps letting go of:

  • Past hurts
  • Relationships that didn’t last
  • Dreams not realized
  • Institutions letting me down
  • The person I wanted to be
  • How I thought life should treat me

But rather than looking at it in the negative, might I see the letting go as something really positive?

If there is grand beauty on the trees before the fall and stark bareness, why not see the grand beauty in my life and release disappointment, fear, frustration, worry, even a hope for what might have been.  I am grateful in these beautiful days of the fall foliage for Centering Space where I do find the space to work on releasing disappointment and anxiety.  Centering Space is where I find the quiet to seek the beauty within.

Honestly, isn’t it true that endings bring to us new beginnings. If I let go of the junk in my life who knows what space will be opened up.  And if I really get serious about letting go of things, then perhaps the relationships might have more space; perhaps I’ll find that there is more time to sit and get quiet; perhaps by getting rid of the stuff it will free up my heart and mind to be truly present to God.  Perhaps I’ll find more “yellows” in my life.

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